Virtual Organizing

Virtual Organizing

Book an Online Organizing Work Session

Explore our Virtual Organizing Services and discover how we can guide you to declutter and organize your space effectively, even from a distance. If you’re overwhelmed with your clutter and aren’t sure where to start, I can get you pointed in the right direction! Let my 8+ years of professional organizing experience work for you.

How Can I Help?

  • I am able to see through all the clutter, straight to the solutions that lie underneath. It’s like xray vision, but for organizing!
  • My goal is to provide you with specific, focused action steps to not just get you started, but to keep you focused. At the end of our hour you will know exactly what steps to take, and in what order.
  • With a vast knowledge of what organizing supplies work best, I can guide you an what to look for and where to find them.
  • Sessions are recorded and delivered to you so you can refer to them again later.
  • You will receive a detailed checklist from Maureen (via email)

Got more done in 4 hours then I ever did in one day! Maureen was great and made the process of decluttering quick and easy. Definitely recommend Katy Home Organizer.

Janie LaQue

What are You Waiting For?

There is never a bad time to start organizing, but it seems to be something that is continually put off. Why? A lot of times it’s because people do not know where to begin. Beginning is the hardest part – right!?! That’s where I come in.

Imagine how it will feel when the room or space that is driving you crazy is finally clutter free….

Not just because you stuffed everything in a closet, under the bed or in a drawer. But you took the time to actually organize it all so that you not only know where to find things, you know where to put them away too.

Image of a serene sky with clouds and a staircase leading upwards, symbolizing the peaceful and orderly outcome achievable through Virtual Organizing Services.

Organizing brings clarity, happiness, and PRIDE in a job well done! It’s a great feeling, and I love helping my clients feel that way. I can help you feel that way too!