Unique Space Organization

Many modern homes come with odd-shaped niches that might seem difficult to utilize. Whether they are interesting architectural quirks or just seemingly wasted spaces, every unique area in your home has potential. At Katy Home Organizer, we believe that with the right approach and hundreds of organizing products available today, there’s always a solution that fits your needs. It doesn’t have to be confined to traditional uses. Sometimes, thinking outside the box opens up incredible new possibilities for utilizing spaces creatively. Take a look at some of our unique space organization projects. From oddly shaped closets and cabinets to innovative uses of standard organizing solutions, we’ve tackled it all. What’s your challenge? Is it an under-the-stairs closet, a narrow hallway, or an awkward corner? Let us help you transform these peculiar spots into functional parts of your home.

“We weren’t planning to do the jewelry drawer that day, but Maureen saw that I was in need of some jewelry organization and just brought some organizing trays along. It didn’t take but 20 minutes to get all the jewelry organized. Amazing!”

~ Cheryl S., Richmond, TX