Summer Sprint

What is the Summer Sprint?[image src=”” align=”right” border=”image_border” link=”” alt=”” title=”” lightbox=”false” ]

The idea for the Summer Sprint came to me in a flash. When I used to teach, I would spend the summer organizing my home. I know lots of teachers that would do the same, and some that wanted to do it but got lost along the way. THEY are the ones this is for!

The Summer Sprint is guidance to help you organize a room, or your home, quickly.

You might be wondering:

– Where do I start?
– How do I actually organize anyway?
– What supplies do I need?
– Which should I use?
– Which are worth purchasing?
– Where can I buy those supplies?

Well you are in luck! I already have that all figured out for you. For the past 7 years I have been a professional organizer solving organizing problems of all kinds, in all areas of the home, for all kinds of people. I’ve seen all kinds of messes – large and small – and the process is the same no matter what kind of mess you have. I have written (almost) everything I know about organizing into a program you can easily follow.

Why Join the Summer Sprint?[image src=”” align=”right” border=”image_border” link=”” alt=”” title=”” lightbox=”false” ]

Think of me as your Organizing Coach.

You have a goal – how will you get there?
I’ve got a plan that works.
You don’t want to spend all summer organizing, and it won’t take that long when you are focused, driven and guided.

Just like a coach at the gym…

I provide guidance and accountability to propel you forward so you can accomplish your organizing goals.

I offer consistency.
If you want to make massive progress in just one week, consistent daily action is required. Being a part of the Summer Sprint you will have daily access to me each morning to get you motivated, answer your questions and help you sustain the momentum you need to keep going each day!

I provide a plan.
A complete HOW-TO from start to finish. Where to start, what to ask yourself (which is the most important part of the whole operation), what supplies to buy, and how to maintain it when everything is completed.

I offer support.
What if you get stuck? Maybe you can’t see the solution. Maybe you are overwhelmed and are ready to give up. What do you do then? If you are working alone, you might just give up. But when you are working with me – and a group of others who are doing the same thing you are – you have support. Daily “coaching calls” offer you a chance to show me your trouble spots, ask a question, or just gain some motivation to shift from “this is too much” to “I can do this!”.

I will celebrate your successes!
I didn’t used to celebrate my successes until I made friends with some people who do! And you know what? It’s a lot of fun! On Friday we will celebrate wins. Wins can be any number of successes, so be sure you track your wins. I want to know what they are![image src=”” align=”right” border=”image_border” link=”” alt=”” title=”” lightbox=”false” ]


The Importance of Accountability

If your goal is to get organized, you are not alone. It is #6 in the TOP 10 New Years Resolutions set by Americans (according to Neilsen Ratings 2015).
But what do you need to achieve your goals?
Here are some statistics on completing a goal, according to the American Society of Training & Development:

• you hear an idea: 10% succeed
• decide when you will do it: 40% succeed
• plan how you will do it: 50% succeed
• commit to someone else you will do it: 65% succeed
• have a specific accountability appointments with the person you’ve committed to: 95% succeed!

Regular accountability more than double your chances of success, over just deciding to do something. Those are good odds of success!

JOIN me this summer for your next organizing adventure. I will be your accountability partner to help you reach your goals! Be one of the 95%!


How does it work?

Chose an area, chose a week, and get it done!


• Master Closet,  Master Bedroom,  Master Bath
• Kitchen Pantry & Kitchen Cabinets
• The Dining Room, The Living Room, The Entry, and the Guest Room
• Craft Room

Commit to yourself to organize during one of these weeks and check in with me daily to ask questions via ZOOM.
• June 11 -15
• June 18-22
• June 25 – 29
• July 9 – 13
• July 16 -20
• July 23 – 27
Not sure which week works for you? NO PROBLEM, ZOOM calls are M-F June 11th through July 27* allowing you to complete multiple areas AND receive coaching from me each day throughout the summer. *except for the week of 4th of July. [image src=”” align=”right” border=”image_border” link=”” alt=”” title=”” lightbox=”false” ]

with the help of my program, motivation, and daily coaching calls….

SHOW UP for the Clutter to Clarity daily coaching calls! 


My 40 minute daily group coaching sessions are the spark to jump start your day. You can’t get this just by reading the content (although that is awesome too!)  Daily interaction with your own professional organizing coach will bring you the confidence you need to maintain the momentum to not only start BUT FINISH your organizing project.

The coaching calls provide the consistency, the support, and answers to the questions that might keep you stuck. These calls are the secret sauce!

Want to learn more about Maureen…

Take a look around on my website, you’ll see I’ve been organizing for a while now and have plenty to show for it. Check me out on Facebook, Instagram (for my motivational side). Read my reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp. I’ve made a lot of people happy, and I’d like to make you happy too!



Not ready to commit?

I get it. Perhaps you would enjoy some tips? Click here to see all the tips I’ve got for you!



Until next time…