Storage Closet Organization

Whether it’s a utility closet, storage closet, hall closet, or coat closet, they all serve the same essential purpose: a space to store stuff. Often these spaces, much like garages, are used and abused, becoming dumping grounds for quick clean-ups when guests are expected, leading to clutter and underutilization. The real issue at hand is ensuring everything has a designated, permanent home.

The underlying problem is what needs to be addressed, and that is – the things you have need a real permanent home. It is so much easier to clean up when things really have a home. Cleaning the house for guests is easy when you know exactly where to put things. Here are some successful storage closets to check out. One of these could be yours too! 

Check out some of our most successful transformations in storage closet organization. From cluttered chaos to streamlined spaces, our clients now enjoy the benefits of well-organized areas. These efficient setups are not just about aesthetic appeal but are crucial for maintaining an orderly home. One of these success stories could be yours.

Before & After

“After my grandma died I came into all the family photos, keepsakes and heirlooms and they needed protection, and safe storage. Maureen organized it all in the space under the stairs. Safe until I am ready to do something with it. Thanks Maureen.”~ J.E. Spring Cypress, Tx

Holiday Storage Closet

Not everyone is lucky enough to have and entire storage room, but this client does. She uses it to store all her holiday decorations, wrapping supplies, and other items that might otherwise end up in the garage.  All in a climate controlled environment. How neat is that?!?

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