Consult the Experts Before Your Next Move

People often think home organization is about tackling existing messes. But don’t forget about organizing your new space before you unpack!

It’s easy to fall into the mind trap of, “A new, empty home needs no organization because I’ve yet to unpack it! Everything will look in its place once I get boxes emptied in their designated rooms. The home will look tidy after the boxes are removed. I’ll worry about organization after I’ve lived here long enough to create a mess.  I’m not going to be that person who burns out on unpacking and dumps box contents into drawers until I have time to address where those contents should actually live.  I have my wine and my unpacking playlist ready. This place will look magazine-worthy in no time!

The reality is so far from the over ambitious fantasy.

Reduce moving stress with expert unpacking and organizing services. Start enjoying your new home faster with professional move-in assistance.

Moving can be one of the most stressful life events we endure, made more stressful by a lack of planning and organization. We’ve all done it; throw everything we own in trash bags and whatever boxes we could find at the last minute thinking, “I’ll just figure out this mess when I get to the new home.” Only to get to the new home with piles of unmarked bags and boxes, spending hours of your life searching for your shampoo which just so happens to be buried under a skillet, a Halloween costume, and 20 pounds of junk drawer items… (You’re nodding your head right now, aren’t you?)

Work smarter, not harder. Planning ahead is the greatest weapon you can have in your moving arsenal! Luckily for you, Katy Home Organizer and SpareFoot have your back! SpareFoot has the most detailed and efficient moving checklist I have ever seen.  Everything from creating a moving estimate, to a list of services to transfer, to when you should be finished with your packing and redirecting your focus toward eating everything out of your refrigerator. You can view the entire moving checklist from SpareFoot here. SpareFoot provides an awesome moving checklist. They also offer resources to help you find real estate agents, explore neighborhoods, and even secure storage. Need moving companies, city guides, or even professional organizers? SpareFoot has you covered! ORGANIZERS! In fact, SpareFoot listed Katy Home Organizer as one of Houston’s best professional organizers. Thanks, SpareFoot!

Instead of reaching your new home with the ominous task of unpacking ahead of you, take time on the front end and prepare. Your preparation will pay off! You’ll feel less stressed during unpacking, finish faster, and might even tackle every box in record time.

Don't let moving overwhelm you! Hire professionals for a smooth transition.

If you don’t have time to get everything unpacked before starting back to work, you can always hire Katy Home Organizer to unpackanize you.  Not to toot our own horn or anything, but the KHO team is pretty incredible at what we do. Our “unpackanizing” service utilizes a team of professional home organizers to unpack and organize immediately upon emptying the boxes into your new space. Our unpackanize service creates organizational systems right from the start in your new home or apartment. Enjoy your entire home unpacked shortly after moving in. Plus, our organizational systems will help you maintain a clutter-free space for years to come!

No matter how you prepare for it, moving is stressful. But don’t worry – there are ways to ease moving anxiety and have a more positive experience! Be smart and consult with professionals. Get expert tips to minimize moving anxiety. SpareFoot can help you prepare for your move on the front end. The professionals at Katy Home Organizer can then help you unpackanize on the back end.

Good Luck!