Re-purpose that Tissue Box!

Tissue boxes are a useful re-purposeable  item. I have always appreciated the size and shape of a tissue box. I know, I’m kinda strange, and my husband would agree with you, but really, I’m serious here. I have used tissue boxes for all sorts of needs over the years. Here’s one that I use I my office desk to hold business receipts that I need to tend to. Using a flat rectangular box, I just cut the top off.

Rectangular box with top cut off
fits nicely into my desk drawer

Here’s another one that I use to collect the household receipts that my husband and I collect throughout the month. I leave this one out on the counter because if I don’t my husband won’t think to pull out his receipts from his wallet. At least this way it’s a visual prompt. I still have to remind him occasionally, but it’s not as often. Hey – I’ll take what I can get.

Household receipt collector

I’ve used them when I taught art to elementary school kids. They make great trays for markers or crayons, and when you have 30 kids in a class, you need multiple trays of crayons and markers. Teachers get very inventive.

In my bathroom

The square ones I use too. I have one in my bathroom on the counter to collect trash. I leave the top on this one, but I usually tear out the plastic. I use it to throw away q-tips, tissues, cotton balls, band-aid wrappers – little items that I seem to use every day and I don’t really need a large trash can for. What really prompted this utilization was my dog who would get into the bathroom trash and drag everything out. Pesky dog. Now it’s in a place that she can’t get to.  When it’s full, I just empty it into the larger trash in the hall. I usually only change boxes when I finish up another box of tissues or when I’m just tired of the pattern on the box. It has yet to become too soiled to use. You could utilize a tissue box cover as well, just change out the cardboard box occasionally.

On my desk too!

I also use the square box on my desk. I have a very big desk with lots of space, but I am short on floor space within arms reach. I didn’t want a trash can by my feet under my desk, and I don’t really like the trash can just sitting out in the open, so I use the good ol’ tissue box. I recycle nearly all my regular sized paper and use a magazine box to diguise it. All that’s left are the little scraps of this that. It works perfectly.

I’ve even used tissue boxes (and cereal boxes) to put gifts in. Seriously – once it’s wrapped in paper, who cares? If anything it’s a conversation starter. And in my case, my friends and family know I just look at and utilize things differently, and they just play along.

So, there you go, some unconventional ways to re-purpose a tissue box. Have you ever re-purposed a tissue or cereal box? What did you use them for? What new idea can you add?