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Unpackanize© ~ We take over after the movers have gone

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Discover the benefits of our Professional Unpacking Services designed to streamline your move and set up your space efficiently.

Our Professional Unpacking Services ensure everything is out of the boxes and into the right places quickly and efficiently.

Here are a few real inquiries about our Unpackanize© service. Real clients whom we’ve helped:[image src=”https://katyhomeorganizer.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/UNPZ-testimonials-e1488308775909.png” align=”right” border=”image_border” link=”#” alt=”” title=”” lightbox=”false” ]

“I just moved from Dallas and the movers packed for me!  It is a hot mess.  I am working night shift and going to school full time so I could really use some help unpacking and organizing my whole apartment.” ~ Kelly H.

For Kelly, we were able to get her unpackanized in one short afternoon, and because she works the night shift, she slept at her brothers house while we worked. When we finished, we created videos to explain where everything was so she wouldn’t feel lost in her own home!

“We recently moved into a new 5 bedroom house after our last house flooded. We would like help getting everything unpacked and organized starting with the office…” ~ Rick B.

We ended up unpackanizing Rick’s entire home, one room at a time with a crew of up to four organizers at a time. It took a few weeks between their schedule and ours, but it was a manageable pace for them. The final place was the garage and it is a beauty! Everything that they no longer wanted, was picked up by Salvation Army.

A spacious garage organized by Katy Home Organizer, showcasing a clean floor and neatly arranged shelves, bins, and a workbench, illustrating the efficiency of their Professional Unpacking Services.
Imagine this is your garage after a big move – clean, organized and clutter free!

We came back at Christmas to help get down the Christmas decorations, then back later to pack it all up and put it away.

“I recently had to downsize into an apartment. I need help figuring out where everything can go so I can work on my passion jewelry making!” ~ Debbie S.

Debbie moved to start fresh after a divorce and felt overwhelmed. Since a recent surgery limited her mobility, we took her physical condition into account as we organized her things. We quickly unpackanized her things so she could find everything, making her new apartment more like a home.

“She has helped me move and worked with the movers both packing and unpacking. I’ve moved many times throughout my career and these were the smoothest ever. Her methods of organizing are clear and easy to keep up.” ~ Karolyn G.

Karolyn has been a client of Katy Home Organizer for many years. She downsized all the contents of her home to start fresh in a new place. Later, she married and had us unpackanize and merge their households, ensuring everything fit well in their new home. Then one more time after another move.


As you can see there are many different scenarios that brought people to us where Unpackanize© was the solution. The joy and contentment we have brought to these clients, we can bring to you as well. Give us a call!

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