Whole Home Organizing eCourse

Organizing @ Home

Organizing doesn’t have to be complicated.
I provide a plan and manageable steps making it easy to achieve your organizing goals.

I can teach you how!

Rather than toss everything in a closet to deal with later, I help you make decisions on what to do with your stuff.
The hardest part for most people is the decision making.
I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and the process is the same for everyone.
I’ve learned that asking the right questions is the way to get you thinking, and ultimately to the right answers for you and your situation.

This is WAY MORE than a checklist you might find for free on the internet.

My Whole Home Organizing eCourse is an action plan.

It’s guided help to success.
It’s about the THOUGHT PROCESS of organizing – the part of organizing that trips everyone up.
That’s what we focus on!

My Whole Home Organizing eCourse

covers these areas of the home:

  • the entry
  • the living room
  • the kitchen: pantry, drawers, upper and lower cabinets are discussed individually as they all have unique needs
  • the master closet
  • and the maintenance of your newly organized spaces
  • PLUS I guide you on what organizing supplies work best in most situations so you know what to purchase for all the areas listed
  • AND more areas to be added in the near future – at no additional charge
  • dining room
  • bathroom
  • guest room / storage closets

My Whole Home Organizing eCourse provides you with:

  • Clear steps to guide you through the process.
  • Information about the supplies we use when organizing homes, where you can find them and how to use them.
  • Pictures – examples of what we are describing to help you better understand.
  • Reflective Questions to guide you to your right answer.
  • Lots of encouragement and support to help you approach organizing from a positive mindset!
  • Time estimates – an idea of how long it will take to accomplish each area

In my Whole Home Organizing eCourse you will :

  • Learn how to walk yourself through the organizing process.
  • Learn tools and techniques that can easily be applied to any situation.
  • Feel empowered to take back your home and rid it of clutter!
  • Take pride in your home, especially when you have visitors!

I am confident that you will benefit from my Organizing @ Home Whole Home Organizing eCourse, so I offer a 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee! You have nothing to lose—just your clutter—and everything to gain, including a beautiful home ready for you to enjoy and new organizing skills to apply repeatedly.

“How will this organizing eCourse help me?”

I provide you a proven method to making decisions, the part that many of my clients say is the hardest thing for them to do! I walk you through the questions that you need to ask yourself.

We provide direction – clients tell me this is another thing keeps them from doing anything – How to start? What to do next; you know DIRECTIONS! 🙂

I explain what supplies work in most cases. These are the supplies we use EVERY DAY in our clients homes, and it almost ALWAYS WORKS! You won’t waste your time shopping wondering what to buy.

You can access class content anytime through a private portal on my website, which includes 12 lessons focusing on different areas of the home, supplies, the organizing process itself, and maintenance. Addtional areas are under construction now: dining room, guest room/storage closet, and bathroom. Class content is available to you FOREVER.

“What if I have a question or need extra help?”

Think your room’s too messy to organize alone? Join my Clutter to Clarity Club! We meet weekly on Zoom to solve your specific challenges and offer practical advice to help you progress. You’ll always gain valuable tips, even if you just listen in.

I’m more than a clutter coach; I’m like your personal coach for organizing life, not just stuff. Struggling with a cluttering spouse or lacking motivation? Let’s chat. I excel at addressing these real-life challenges.

Stumped on where to start or how to use a tricky space? Join our live Video Chats! We can see your space in real-time, brainstorm solutions together, and maybe even find answers from the group. It’s like a mastermind for organizing challenges!

Accountability is key. Just like I keep my clients on track, I’ll help you stay committed to your goals. I’m here to answer your questions and ensure you stay accountable to yourself—because we all need a little push sometimes.

Access to the Live Video Chat group discussions is available for an additional $30 for 3 months access. So even if you aren’t ready to start that project TODAY, you will have access for 3 months from the time of purchase. That includes access to a private Facebook Group too where you can ask questions and post pictures in between calls.

We hold all live group ZOOM Video Chats on Mondays at 2:30 CST, and you can access class content anytime through a private portal. We present the content in 12 Lessons, each focusing on a different area of the home, along with lessons dedicated to supplies and the organizing process itself. Class content is available to you FOREVER.

What if I miss a class?

We record classes and email them to you, but please make every effort to attend each class! Never underestimate the power of a group of (mostly) women sharing. You will learn from each others questions and shares – so be sure to participate! ♥

Sign up now and start organizing today!

I   c a n ‘ t  w a i t   t o   h e l p   y o u ! !