Craft Room Organizing eCourse

 Everything is categorized, colorized and in containers
It’s organized and you feel inspired and motivated to be there!

Now imagine that YOU organized it!

Organized craft room is the best!

 My Craftroom Organizing eCourse will empower YOU to make this dream your reality!

– Do you have the desire to get organized but lack the know how?
– Do you want help but are afraid to let anyone see your mess?
– Have you wanted an organizer to come to you but live outside of the service area of your local organizer?
– Do you simply want to learn more about organizing your craft room?

Hooray! This course is PERFECT and DESIGNED for you!

In this eCourse you will learn:

•   How to make decisions about what to keep, or not keep.
•   How to plan and purchase organizing supplies.
•   How to make better use of the space in the room itself as well as any storage components.
•   How to store your ongoing projects.
•   Where to recycle or re-purpose purged supplies.
•   How to actually organize within a space.
•   And lots more!

Here’s what you can expect from my Craftroom Organizing eCourse:

♥  8 Lessons  with specific instructions of  WHAT TO DO to make progress!
♥  Motivation and Inspiration – An opportunity to stretch yourself and grow through the organizing process
♥ Access to a Private Community when you purchase to the Clutter to Clarity Club Membership – Our community is a place to ask the myself and the community questions, to find encouragement, support, share successes and ideas – all in a judgement free atmosphere!

Why Enroll in my Craftroom Organizing eCourse?

In this eCourse you will be learning what I teach my in-home clients and then some.

If you paid for me to come into your home and get your craftroom organized it would cost upwards of $300. We’ve organized craftrooms that were as much as $1200! (Those were BIG craft rooms!)
In my eCourse, you have access to all the tools you need to get it done yourself. You’ll save money and learn a lot about organizing – it’s pretty awesome!

[pullquote_right sub_text=”~Maureen Guzman, Professional Organizer, Coach, Speaker & Entrepreneur”] “My online workshop will empower you to tackle your craft room head on. This time you will succeed in organizing!” [/pullquote_right]

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My Craftroom Organizing eCourse will provide you with:

• Clear steps to guide you through the process.
• Information about the supplies we use when organizing homes, where you can find them and how to use them.
• Pictures – examples of what we are describing to help you better understand.
• Reflective Questions to guide you to your right answer.
• Lots of encouragement and support to help you approach organizing from a positive mindset!
• Time estimates – an idea of how long it will take to accomplish each area

In my Craftroom Organizing eCourse you will :

– Learn how to walk yourself through the organizing process.
– Learn tools and techniques that can easily be applied to any situation.
– Feel empowered to take back your home and rid it of clutter!
– Feel pride in your home, especially when people come to visit!

How long will it take to get my craftroom organized?

It greatly depends on your particular craft room, how much stuff you have, how much time you are able to invest each day/week, and how decisive you are. I can’t promise you’ll be done in 1 or even 2 weeks, but what I can promise is a proven method to get you there. I know you can do this, part of what I do is help you believe you can do it, and keep you motivated to see it through!

What is the eCourse format?

All information is available to you immediately and broken down into 8 Lessons. Go through everything in order or jump around. Read it as you make progress or read it straight through before you begin. It’s entirely up to you.

Estimates are provided as to how long each Lesson will take to complete, including how long to read the contents of each Lesson and how long to complete each assignment.

PDF downloads are available so you can print out and complete the assignments.


Sign up now for my Craftroom Organizing eCourse and start organizing today!


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“How will this Craftroom Organizing eCourse help me?”

I provide you a proven method to making decisions, the part that many of my clients say is the hardest thing for them to do! I walk you through the questions that you need to ask yourself.

I provide direction – clients tell me this is another thing keeps them from doing anything – How to start? What to do next; you know DIRECTIONS! ?

I explain what supplies work in most cases. These are the supplies we use EVERY DAY in our clients homes, and it almost ALWAYS WORKS! You won’t waste your time shopping wondering what to buy.

Class content is available to you anytime through a private portal on my website and is presented in 8 Lessons carefully walking you through a detailed organizing process.  AND Class content is available to you FOREVER.

What if I need extra help?

If you are thinking – “Uh, ya I’d love to do this on my own but you haven’t seen my craftroom!”  You might want to consider joining my Clutter to Clarity Club. We meet weekly via ZOOM where I trouble shoot specific problems, offer advice and suggestions for how to get past whatever is stopping your progress. Everyone benefits from these conversations and everyone walks away with something they can use, even if you don’t have a question every call.

I’m kinda like a Coach, but more than just a clutter coach because sometimes it’s not just about your clutter, or your clutter. I love helping with these aspects that really aren’t about “stuff”, but about people. How do you handle it when a spouse is a major clutter generator? Or what if you struggle with being motivated enough to even get started? I love talking about these issues, and I’m good at it too.

OR if you are just stumped. For the life of you, you can’t figure out how to make the best use of a unique or tricky space or piece of furniture. Because the Video Chats are live, that means we can see each other in real time, and I can see your space. Together we can find a solution, and it very may well come from someone else in the group! It becomes a bit like a master mind group in which new ideas are born, and problems get solved.  It’s always easier when two or more are focused on the solution!

Then there is accountability. Just like the clients that have hired me to keep things moving along and keep them accountable, I will be doing that for you. I answer your questions, but I also am there to keep you on track and accountable TO YOURSELF. Accountability is huge and is an excellent motivator for accomplishing things we know we need to do. We all need some accountability.

Access to the Live Video Chat group discussions is available for an additional $30 for 3 months access. So even if you aren’t ready to start that project TODAY, you will have access for 3 months from the time of purchase. That includes access to a private Facebook Group too where you can ask questions and post pictures in between calls.

All live group ZOOM Video Chats are held Mondays at 2:30cst, and class content is available anytime through a private portal.

What if I miss a class?

No worries, all classes are recorded and will be emailed to you.

Yes! I want Clutter to Clarity Club Membership Access!

$90 Only $30 for 3 months!

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Can’t I just take this information and do it on my own?

Yes, you absolutely can, and if you choose to not to participate in the LIVE Video Chats I won’t make you. 🙂 But in the same way having a trainer produces more results than just going to gym alone, having me as your consultant will produce much better results! The 8 Lessons are chock full of information for you to complete the organizing process, and the accountability provided each week completes this successful formula!

Are You Ready!?

I hope by now you see the value this online workshop will provide you. As a creative person myself I know what it’s like to have an organized craft room and a cluttered craft room. The difference can be felt through multiple senses and can impact the quality of your work.

If you want more information, you can contact me directly. I’m passionate about this Workshop and am excited to have you be a part of it. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Sign up now for my Craftroom Organizing eCourse and start organizing today!


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