Home Office Organizing

Organized Office in Bright Green using a minimalist style

Office Organization

Your office is more than just about paper storage, filing, computers and peripherals. Many offices also have lots of office supplies, little do dads, craft supplies, school supplies, and other thing that aren’t paper, bills and filing. (I know I do in my office!) These things can quickly and easily get out of hand if you don’t have effective organization. So what to use? What shouldn’t you use? How do I get from this overwhelming mess, to an organized space? Well, I can help with all that.

The Katy Home Organizer team has great ideas of how to get those items under control. A lot of times, our clients already have many of the necessary supplies on hand, and I will make best use of those. If need be, I will bring in additional items to help. Contact me for a consultation today and I will assess your situation. On our workday, I will bring whatever else is needed to get your office space under control. Together we will be sure your office gets and stays neat and orderly.

Seeking an office space but are stumped on where one can fit? Need a professional perspective on what is possible? We can help. We can visualize what you can’t or we can take your idea make it a reality. The possibilities are there.

Paper / Document Management

Offices can be a challenging space to get organized. Paper, paper and more paper! Ugh! And where to begin? What do you keep? What can you throw away? How long do you need it? Why do you need it? Is it time to convert over to digital? How do you do that?

Paper management is an area that actually frightens people. Many are simply afraid to throw things away lest they need it in the future. Never fear, there are some concrete guidelines I can share to help you make informed decisions.

Contact me today for a consultation and I can share these guidelines with you while I assess your filing situation to see what filing system will work best for you. On our workday we will implement a new paper filing system and get you set up. When we are through, you will understand where to file it, how long to keep it, and never be afraid of paper again. It really is that easy.

Organized home office shelving with clear storage bins and neatly arranged books
Neatly organized home office countertop with labeled black file holders

Mail Management

Piles of mail in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc are a sure sign that you do not have a Mail Management System. Don’t let the name fool you. It’s really a lot easier than it sounds. All it takes is some thought and strategy. Let KHO help you set up a Mail Management system that works for you and your family.