Laundry & Utility Room Organization

Laundry & Utility Room Organizing is Essential

We all need to do laundry. Every day we wear clothes. Just like eating; it’s a must. Organizing your laundry room can make all the difference in your productivity. If your laundry room is always a disaster, it is difficult to actually clean the laundry room, and a dirty laundry room just makes the clothes seems less clean, doesn’t it?

Laundry rooms organization is helpful

Do you have a rod to hang your clean clothes or does they all just end up in a basket getting wrinkled? Do you have space to fold as it comes out of the dryer? Simple, inexpensive additions and modifications can do wonders. You CAN be more productive in the laundry room. Wouldn’t that be nice? Because let’s face it, the laundry is never ending.

Then there is the utility function of the laundry room. Some laundry rooms have drawers and multiple cabinets in which to store…what? What actually ends up in your utility cabinets? Can you even reach them? Do you have enough space? How are you using it? Again, simple inexpensive changes and additions can make your Utility Room fully functional.

Check out what Katy Home Organizer can do for you. Your ultimate goal is an organized laundry room – and hey, that’s our goal too!

Laundry & Utility Room Organization. Not every makeover requires you to stack your washer and dryer. In fact this was the clients idea. We collaborated to create this set up for her 6 person family. Everyone has their own basket, and one in their room too.

Towels stuffed into the cabinets left no room for supplies, while the drawers were let unused. Moving the towels to the drawer eliminated them from tumbling out when only one was needed. Supplies were put on a spinner to make good use of the spaces in back, and brought down to the first shelf (for shorter people like me!)

Before & After

“I couldn’t see the vision for the laundry room, all I could see was it was a mess. Maureen knew just what to do and moving the towels to the drawer was genius.”

~ S.M. Katy, T