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Testimonials from Our Clients

Discover firsthand experiences from our valued clients as they share their home organization journeys in the video testimonials below. Hear how Katy Home Organizer transformed their spaces and lives.

Briana’s laundry room, cramped with limited storage potential, posed a challenge. Katy Home Organizer designed and installed a solution that met her needs and maximized the space. We added custom shelving behind her, as you can see, and a shelf above the washer and dryer that extends from wall to wall, which is removable as she requested. We added compact broom/mop storage behind the door, a retractable clothesline for line drying delicates, and an ironing board holder on the wall to keep everything neat and tidy. Check out the before and after photos on our website to truly appreciate the difference!

Katy Home Organizer was lucky enough to work with this awesome chick! We organized her entire (1bd) apartment in one day. We organized the kitchen, organized the pantry, organized the bathroom, organized the bedroom, organized two closets and organized the living room. wow! It was fun, and SO productive! It’s like a brand new apartment. We’d love to do the same for you too!

Maggie is a busy career woman who struggled with her tiny out-of-control closet. Quick stops at home between all her activities left her closet and bedroom in disarray. It only took 3 hours to get this closet in order. That was all the time she had to spare before rushing off to work!

Katy Home Organizer got to spend the afternoon with this awesome lady. We took her cluttered home office and put to work an under-utilized adjoining closet. We created a closet re-design, making it super functional AND freeing up her office space for some much-needed breathing room. Ahhh. We’d love to do the same for you! 🙂

Gary is a rockstar, fast paced client that knew exactly what he wanted and didn’t want. We blew through his house in record time! We organized the kitchen and pantry, the bathroom, the guest bedroom, office, master bedroom and garage. After we finished, he felt renewed and energized!

Read what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with Katy Home Organizer. Discover how our professional team helped them achieve their home organization goals and brought peace and order to their spaces.

Meryl Andry, Katy TX

Maureen Guzman’s Katy Home Organizers were phenomenal. They helped me reorganize my entire home in five weeks. Maureen and her crew were professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable about organizing. Maureen took the time to explain her plan for each room in my home, and that was awesome! She met with my family before the project so everyone, including my four children, would be on board and in the know. KHO is a top notch business. I highly recommend them for ALL of your organizational needs. From one room to a whole house, Maureen and her crew can tackle anything.
My home was a particular challenge because we have a special needs child, 3 children who are ADD, and 2 adults who are ADD. She approached our home methodically, actually researching how to organize for people with our issues. The results were beyond words! And this whole home reorganization has helped each member of our family. It was like a “reset” for us all. Plus, because the organization solutions were so simple and intuitive, we have kept them up for 2 months. I cannot say how wonderful KHO is!

J. C., Katy TX

I have lived in the same house since 1987, and since that time my kitchen drawers have been a mess. They seem to be the “catch all” for every homeless item…small tools, jewelry, miscellaneous office supplies, receipts, coupons, chargers, etc. When unexpected guests drop by, we would open the drawers and shove stuff in. I did not even know what some of the items were used for. Maureen came in and we went through each drawer one at a time. We took all the items that did not belong in the kitchen and figured out where they needed to go. Now the only thing left in the drawers are things that actually need to be in the kitchen. Everything is neat and organized and I can now put my hands on batteries, picture hooks, etc. I am no longer frustrated trying to locate things I know I have but can’t find. Great job Maureen- Please use me as a reference anytime!

Anne Armstrong, Houston TX

My passions are cooking, traveling, reading, teaching…organizing space and maintaining order are not strengths I have ever had! Though I have periodically attempted over the past ten years in my home to make sense of the many pantry items I use and acquire, my pantry had repeatedly gotten out of control, leading me to either have to dismantle it shelf by shelf to find what I needed or abandon my food preparation intentions altogether. In one afternoon, with Maureen helping me sort, organize, categorize, and plan, I now have a completely attractive and usable space in the pantry. It is a thrill to see it each time I open it. Even after weeks of removing things for use and adding things back after shopping, the system Maureen set up remains in place. I feel like I will be able to sustain this organization this time, for the first time since moving in a decade ago. What a relief this is for a busy mom like me!

Glenda Williams, Katy TX

I want to thank you so much for working with me on my upstairs closets. You are so organized, efficient and focused. You would not let me get off on other subjects; thanks. I would never have been able to get this done on my own. I also appreciate your suggestions as to where to take things we moved out of these closets. My husband appreciates your decorating tips. I just wanted to thank you for making our life so much easier.

Andrea Christie, Katy TX

Maureen turned chaos into serenity. I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. Maureen’s calmness is contagious and she guided me to complete the task, stay focused, and create a peaceful, organized home office. Before she came, I dreaded going into our office, now it is one of my favorite rooms. Thank you, Maureen!

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