Kitchen Organization

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I Love Kitchen Organization!

organized kitchen in a minimal style

There sure are a lot of nifty devices out there to make cooking easier and more fun!

The downside is that they are often big and bulky taking up lots of cabinet space. Not to worry, I can help. Kitchen organization is a lot like the game of Tetris. Shifting this to make room for that. Turning that around to better accommodate another item. I love Tetris and I am good at it! Who knew a game from my childhood was preparing me for a career as a professional organizer.

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If your cabinets are overflowing with the latest and greatest nifty small appliances, a gorgeous set of pots and pans, or a plethora of bakeware, contact me today to help organize your cabinets. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get in that space keeping everything accessible!

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Everywhere I go it seems that there are not enough upper cabinets – especially in older homes. In fact older homes really have a challenge in the kitchen altogether. Small cabinets, small pantry (if there is one), and little space in general. Fortunately there are tricks that we organizers use to maximize your cabinet space. The Katy Home Organizer team approaches your cabinets logically. We take into account your existing habits while making better use of the space available. Contact me today for a consultation and together we can make your cabinets function better. [/tab] [tab tabno=”3″]

The mid-section of our kitchens is that thin slice of real estate that holds all the little things we need cook, eat and clean up. Cutlery, silverware, utensils (lots of utensils), dish towels, and of course, the junk drawer. What do you do when the junk drawer has multiplied? Or when your utensils are hard to find or retrieve? Or when you find yourself with more kitchen gadgets and utensils than your drawers can accommodate? Why, call me of course. I can usually tell straight away what is needed when it comes to kitchen drawers. It’s usually a simple fix that doesn’t take a long time, but will go a long way to improving the work flow in the kitchen. [/tab] [tab tabno=”4″]

The pantry is an essential part of every kitchen, whether you are a gourmet cook, or cook only because you have to eat, the pantry is vital. If you love to cook, an organized pantry enhances this daily pleasure. If you hate to cook, an organized pantry makes this daily chore easier. When you can’t find the ingredients to your recipe, or don’t even know what you have, it can be frustrating. The key to an organized pantry is creating zones. I can help with that!

I will set up zones that make sense with your daily habits and routines. It doesn’t make sense to undo a routine that works for you, so I work with those routines, tweaking the placement of items making them easily accessible based on need. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and I will assess your pantry. At our work session I will tailor the plan to fit your needs, habits and routines. It’s time to take back your pantry and make the daily exercise of cooking a more enjoyable one – or at the very least – not stressful! [/tab] [/tab_container] [/tabs]

[blockquote sub_text=”~V.P., Katy TX“]Katy Home Organizer is a genius when it comes to kitchen organizing![/blockquote]”

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