Kids Room Organizing

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How to Organize Your Kids Room: Hire KHO!

kids room organizing is challenging for parents

Kids rooms pose a challenge for parents.

Toys, toys, toys, and clothes everywhere. Little bits of this and that litter the floor. Parents often become frustrated quickly when kids are unable to properly clean their rooms.

Kids need organizing systems too. We’ve worked with many families to solve their unique organizing challenges. Drawing from experience with her own kid and teaching elementary school, Maureen has learned how all different kinds of kids think and operate in their environment. Testing out ideas on her own child and students, Maureen has learned what works and what doesn’t. Let Katy Home Organizer set up organizing systems that are sustainable, simple and easy to follow and maintain. Parents will be relieved. Kids will be relieved. The whole family will be happy.

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[blockquote sub_text=”~ Maureen Guzman, Owner of Katy Home Organizer”] “Kids aren’t much different from adults in that if something is too complicated, they often won’t do it. Make cleaning their room easy by setting up an organizational system that is easy and sustainable.” [/blockquote]