Professional Garage Organization

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Professional Garage Organizationgarage organization

Garages are the workhorses of the homes, especially in the Houston area where we spend so much time outdoors. They are houses for our cars (sometimes…when you can get them in there), toys, tools, storage, storage, and more storage. The garage is a big trouble spot for many people. It’s right up there with the storage closet as far as being full of items that were put there just “for now”, only to be forgotten. Years can pass and those items can still be sitting in the same spot, joined by other forgotten items. It is for this reason that the garage can take a lot of time to get a organized handle on. It feels like a daunting task so it becomes the most procrastinated space. But we can help!

We Help You Purge and Re-Position Items in Your Garage

Like any chaotic place, things that you don’t really need any more and things that don’t belong there end up in your garage. We help you clear out the clutter by offering a fresh perspective on what you need and don’t need living in your garage. Do you really need the tricycle? Really? Your kids are in college! Saving it for grandkids? Well, maybe a better spot for it is hanging from the rafters rather than taking up precious garage floor space. We help you see the space you have and the value of what you have in it.

We Help You Create Zones in the Garage

One key to a garage organizing  is to create zones based on frequency of use. Things you use less frequently can be placed in less convenient to access areas. Plus, using zones helps you and your family put things back where they belong. In Houston, so many of us have swimming pools and our garage ends up with pool toys in one corner, pool cleaning supplies in another, and umbrellas leaning against a wall. Yes, we can help you create a swimming pool area in your garage as well as a zone for all the other activities your family participates in.

Contact us for a free consultation. From there, we will work out a plan that we execute in stages. We often include drawings to help us both better see the whole picture, and to work out the possibilities. Then together we put the plan into action.

We Help You Use All of the Space

Ceilings and high areas of walls are often underutilized space, ripe and ready for storage solutions, especially in the garage. We work with you to identify less-frequently used items that can be safely hoisted to the rafters or hung from hooks mounted on the wall near the ceiling. Every nook and cranny of your garage can be harvested for its usefulness.

Professional Garage Organization Can Save You Money

Garage organizing can save you thousands of dollars a year on storage fees and on purchasing items that you own but cannot find. If you live in the Houston area, our professional garage organizer service can make your garage work for you. Imagine being able to quickly, easily, and safely access whatever you need, when you need it.

[blockquote sub_text=”~ K.I., Houston, TX”]”We called Maureen to organize all the boxes of holiday decorations in the garage. After she finished, we were able to park our car in there for the first time in years. She was so fast we had time to organize my husband’s workbench. She did a great job. Thanks, Maureen!” [/blockquote]

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