Our Home Organizing Services Will Transform Your Life

Often, clients hire us to “make things nicer and less cluttered”. Usually, they are surprised to find that the clutter and disorganization were affecting parts of their life in a way they didn’t realize. After a work session, they are relieved and feel rejuvenated. It is that kind of delight and serenity we hope to bring into every client’s life. We believe these “transforming powers” actually come from the client. We only ask the right questions to figure out together the right solution for you. Don’t worry, we are gentle and recognize that not everyone is ready for completely empty counters and sparsely filled shelves. We make your space work for you instead of against you. Because the systems we create make sense to you and your spaces, it will feel more natural to remain organized than to return to cluttered disorganization. Let us help you transform your world!

Professional Organizers in Houston can organize your home

Organize the Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Not a day goes by where we don’t enter and use the kitchen. We prepare food, eat, commune with our families, do homework, read the mail, and more. It’s the first landing zone for many households. Kitchens are super important to keep organized because so much goes on in there! Kitchen organization is one of the most popular home organizing services we offer. Let Katy Home Organizer fine tune your family hub.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization: 3 – 4 hours per area (upper / lower / drawers & counters) {1 work session each area}

Organize the Pantry

The pantry is an essential part of every kitchen. Whether you are a gourmet cook or cook only because you have to eat, the pantry is vital. If you love to cook, an organized pantry enhances this daily pleasure. If you hate to cook, an organized pantry makes this daily chore easier. When you can’t find the ingredients for your recipe or have no idea what is available in your pantry, it can be frustrating. The key to an organized pantry is creating zones. Let Katy Home Organizer create your dream pantry. One that is easy to keep organized.

Pantry Organization: 3 – 6 hours {1 work session}

Organize Closets

Aren’t closets the best? What would we do without them? (Have our stuff out all over the place, I think.) They patiently hold onto our stuff when we are not using it, and willingly give it to us when we are ready to use them again. …what’s that? That is not your experience with your closets? Well, it should be! Closet organization is one of the best home organizing services you can invest in for yourself and for home resale value. Katy Home Organizer can change all that – contact us today!

Closet Organization: 3 – 6 hours {1 work session}

Organize Storage Closets

If you are lucky enough to have a “spare” closet for storage, count your blessings!  Not everyone does. But you might not feel it is a blessing if it is in disarray. A lot of times that closet (like many closets) becomes a catch-all for whatever doesn’t have a real home and the blessing quickly, or over time, can turn into a curse. The good news is that the storage closet is one of the easier spaces to organize. Work with us for a fresh perspective on the best use of that space.

Storage Closet Organization – 4 hours {1 work session}

Organize the Bathroom

Surely your morning routine includes a shower, styling your hair, and grooming yourself to look your best. When you are preparing for the day are you easily able to get your hands on everything you need and want or do you find yourself rummaging through drawers and cabinets hoping to find an extra bar of soap? We spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes preparing for our day. It’s a small room that has a big responsibility! When it’s cluttered it can make for a stressful start to the day.

bathrooms: 1 – 4 hours {1 work session}

Organize Laundry Rooms

Who would have thought I’d be asked to organize laundry rooms, but it is an area that when it isn’t working doing laundry is a (bigger) hassle. If working in your laundry room feels more difficult that it “should”,  a fresh set of eyes on the situation can spot the problem and offer a solution.

Laundry room organizing 2-4hours {1 work session}

Organize Playrooms

Does your kids’ playroom (or room) scare you? Do your children struggle to find their toys? Do they claim they “don’t have anything to play with” when you know they do? The problem could very well be there is no system of organization. It’s not anyone’s fault. Some people just aren’t born organizers and to them organizing is a mystery – kids are no exception. Make yours and your kids’ lives easier by getting their play spaces organized while they are young, and teach them to keep it that way.

Playrooms: 6 – 8 hours {1.5 – 2 work sessions}

Organize Garages

The garage is the workhorse of the home, housing cars, toys, tools, storage, storage, and more storage. The garage is a big trouble spot for many people, especially in Houston where we have so many outside toys and sports equipment because of our beautiful year-round weather. Garages rank right up there with the storage closet as far as housing items that were just put there “just for now”, only to be forgotten. Years can pass and that item can still be sitting in the same spot, joined by other forgotten items. It is for this reason that the garage can take a lot of time to get a handle on; and why it’s the most procrastinated space. But Katy Home Organizer can help turn your nightmare garage, into a dream garage!

Garage Organization: 10 – 32 hrs  {2.5 – 8 work sessions}*

Organize Home Offices

Your office is more than just about paper storage, filing, and computers and their peripherals. Many offices also have lots of office supplies, little do-dads, craft supplies, gift wrapping supplies, school supplies, and other thing that aren’t paper, bills, or files. (I know I do in my office!) These things can quickly and easily get out of hand if you don’t have effective organization. Work with our professional home office organizing team to create an efficient and pleasant space to work and create in.

Home Office Organizing: small 4 – 6 hrs; large 8 – 12 hrs {1 – 3 work sessions}

Organize Documents

Offices can be a challenging space to get organized because of the paper, paper and more paper! Ugh! And where to begin? What papers should you keep? Is it safe to throw away old credit card statements? How long do you need to keep tax documents? Paper management is an area that frightens many people. Many are simply afraid to throw things away lest they need them in the future. Never fear, there are some concrete guidelines for what you should legally keep and what you should keep for other important reasons. The Katy Home Organizer team shares this information with you so you are confident of your informed decisions before you shred.

Paper Management System Organization: 4 – 12 hours {1 – 3 work sessions}

Organize the Mail

What do you do when you collect the mail? When you bring it into the house, does it end up in a different place every day? Do you misplace important bills or papers your kids brought home? Mail management is a home organizer service that can benefit every room in your house and your peace of mind. Katy Home Organizer can help you reduce the frustration of wasting time looking for important mail and seeing paper clutter everywhere.

Mail Management: 1 – 3 hours {1 session, usually combined with another area}

Need Whole House Organization or Just a Closet?

Whether you are ready for a really big change or a small change with big impact, call us for a no-obligation, consultation. Discover how we can help you with organizing your space which we know will transform your life.

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