Local Houston-Area Charities

There are many reputable charities in the Houston area that are doing good things for the community. If there is one that is close to your heart, go with it. Here are a few that I donate to:


Houston charity agency donation centers






The Salvation Army

I love the Salvation Army. The more I work with them, the more I admire their mission. They have an adult rehabilitation center to help adults get off drugs and alcohol; they make good use of every item you donate – meaning whatever they can’t sell to us Americans, they sell off in lots to other countries for them to utilize – now that’s recycling! They are a TRUE non-profit organization, unlike some other donation centers out there.

The Salvation Army makes good use of every donation including:

  • clothing
  • shoes
  • electronics
  • household items (small and large)
  • furniture of all kinds
  • jewelry

They also take:

  • bed linens
  • blankets
  • car seats
  • computers
  • electronics

If you aren’t sure it works, they will try and fix it. If it’s broken, they’ll recycle it. They are awesome.



katy tx donation center

Katy Christian Ministries

Click the link above for Katy Christian Ministries donation locations in Katy. This local charity is a community favorite.

donations centersCitizens for Animal Protection

Citizens for Animal Protection accepts donations of unused cat, dog, or other pet foods. They also need office supplies.
Occasionally, I will organize an office and will take all the extra pens, pencils, notepads, etc. to CAP![/one_half_last]