Where to Get Rid of Your Stuff

Do you have things that you don’t want but aren’t sure where to take them? That’s a common problem I hear from many people.

It’s always been important to me that we keep as much out of landfills as possible. Recycling to me is not just aluminum cans and water bottles. Recycling includes repurposing items that another can use – as in donations and resale shops. Safely disposing of harmful chemicals is critical to our environment. It doesn’t just disappear, but where do you take it? I did the research for you and found the one place in Houston that takes it. If you can’ t dispose of your hazardous chemicals, I will do it for you. It’s that important!

This is how to get rid of your stuff. 🙂

Recycling Centers

Not all neighborhoods accept recyclables (what a shame!) And not all drop off centers take what you have. Check out my list of helpful places that will hopefully solve your dilemma!

Safe Disposal Centers for Stuff You Purge from Your Home

It’s just like it sounds – a place to safely dispose of fluids, or materials that should not end up in the landfill or ground water. There are only a couple places in Houston, and I’ve provided their locations and a list of the accepted items.

Charities to Donate The Stuff You Purge from Your Home

Not all charities are equal. Personally, I like to know that what I donate is serving the better good. SOmetimes though, we just need to get it off our hands and off the to do list. I have a few charities that are useful. Please share with me your favorites and I’ll post them.

Free Paper Shredding

Hint: a quick internet search will get you info about more places, but here’s one in Katy.

Vanish Document Shredding

Offers free unlimited paper shredding on
• Tuesdays between 11am – 2pm
• Wednesdays between 11am – 2pm,
• Fridays between 2pm – 6pm
• Saturdays between 8am – 12 Noon.
No Free Shredding on Major Holiday Weekends. LOCATED NEXT TO CARAMELO CANDY


City of Houston

Offers free on-site paper shredding to residents of Houston on a first-come, first serve basis. They sometimes have events as well. Check out the City of Houston Free Paper Shredding page.

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