Drawer Organization

I am always inspired and impressed by my clients. People come in such a variety of tastes, hobbies, interests, and yet we are all alike at the same time. I love that. As a home organizer I am fortunate to get an up close view of peoples lives, one that many don’t get to see, and I am always delighted at what I find.

I think clients might expect that I’d be horrified at their mess – but I’m not. Not at all. I just don’t see the clutter in the same way. Being left brained and right brained – pretty much 50/50, I switch on the analytical side to sort, purge, classify with ease – focused on the end goal. The right brained side feels compassion and understanding of why a client has kept an old set of measuring spoons, or a ragged old doll. Many of the home organizers I know are this way too. Deep compassion and focused goals!

professional organizer creates order in this kitchen drawer
A kitchen drawer transformed.

This week I worked on a clients kitchen drawers. She didn’t have very many drawers in her beautiful newly built, spacious home. In fact there wasn’t much storage space in the entire house. She only had 4 large drawers, and 2 tiny drawers. The key to an organized drawer is compartmentalization. As you can see from the image on the left – the before – there were no compartments. On the right – the after – I compartmentalized the drawer.  The other issue was that the drawers had become a collection of random items because it was just too difficult to know where anything belonged, things didn’t get put back in the same place consistently.

Once organized, the drawers will maintain their purpose as long as people return items to their proper home. This may take some getting use to however. Some habits are hard to break! I know in my own home, I am always putting items back in their proper place because my men-folk (husband and son) don’t always put things back where they belong. {So I just do it – I pick my battles and this isn’t one of them!}

As far as what I used – in this case I chose to use individual organizers. The “expandable” organizers are great products, but for unusual shaped drawers creating your own is best. I found these at the Container Store. These Rubbermaid organizers cause very little wasted space because they have straight edges. Straight edges are very important to making the most of every inch.

So, do your drawers look like the Before or the After? If it looks like the before, and it’s driving you nuts – maybe you need to compartmentalize!