Home Office Organization

Home Office Organization & Craft Room Organization

Creative people aren’t always neat. Getting those creative juices flowing can be messy! I know it is for me. The great thing about having an organized work space isn’t that it’s always neat – because its not (well mine isn’t anyway) – the great thing is that when I am finished, it’s easy to clean up because everything really has a place. All my art supplies have permanent homes that are easy for me to return things to. Same goes for my office supplies, marketing materials, and basically everything I use. Everything has a home. So after I’m done playing (or working), I can easily clean up. That’s what I did for these clients, and what I can do for you too.  click on images to view them larger  |  there’s more –>

“I have a new friend and her name is Maureen from Katy Home Organzier. This chick is a beast! If you need someone to light a fire under you to get rid of things you should have a long time ago, I’ve got one for you! Thanks, Maureen!”

~ Jay Jay, Richmond TX