Bathroom Organizing

Bathroom Organizing No Matter Its Size

organized bathroom helps you keep it clean and tidy much easier

The first room most of us go into every morning is the bathroom, and it’s usually the last one before going to bed. It is where we get ready for the day, and some of us spend quite a bit of time in this often cluttered space. Some bathrooms are equipped with ample storage under the sinks, some bathrooms have more room in a tall/linen closet, and some have no storage space to speak of (who came up with that plan?). Our bathroom has only one drawer! Some have no drawers at all.

All of these scenarios present the same problem and that is, how to organize in the space provided? Some spaces, like under the sink, are cavernous and expansive; items tend to get lost in a sea of products. Sometimes, like in a tall linen/bathroom closet, there are shelves but even that can be a challenge to make full use of. Fortunately, we can help with that. Contact us today for a free consultation and we will assess your bathroom storage situation and make a bathroom organizing game plan.

The funny thing about a bathroom organizing is that sometimes it takes trying a few ideas to find just the right fit. On our work day with you, we will bring everything that is needed to get you organized and stay that way.

Bathroom Organization

Hair care products, make-up, medicines, lotions, potions, creams, tonics…! Face it ladies (and sometimes gentlemen), we own a lot of stuff. It’s expensive too, so we hate to throw this stuff away if we aren’t going to use it. But what does it cost to keep it? There is more to “price” than the monetary value of an item. Often the price we pay for keeping all the products we never use is a cluttered bathroom, which in turn makes for a rocky start to our day. Bathroom organization is a critical component to our day.

After sorting through everything to determine what was worth keeping, it’s a simple matter of categorizing, storing and labeling.

Bathroom organization is quick and packs a powerful punch! (Click to view images larger)

“Our bathroom storage was average, but we kept losing things. It wasn’t until Maureen put in drawer dividers to separate the items in the drawer that I understood THAT is what had been missing all along. She did the same thing under the sink. It all made sense. Getting ready in the morning is much easier now.”

~ A.R., Houston, TX