5 Pre-Organizing Stress Relievers

So much of organization is a reflection of what’s going on in your head. Disorganization in your home can be a organizing can cause stress tooreflection of the disorganization in your head, and vice versa. Life circumstances can leave us with no time, energy or even awareness that our life and home have gotten disorganized. This inevitably leads to stress. We may not be sure of the cause, or we might know exactly what the cause is, but approaching your mindset first, is a productive approach getting organized, which is why three of these pre- organizing stress relievers address your mindset. Here are 5 ways to relieve stress so you can get to organizing!

  1. Be nice to yourself

Why is it we are hardest on ourselves? I think it’s because we have high expectations, and sometimes unrealistic ones. It’s good to have a high expectation, that’s how we strive to do better and achieve more. When those expectations become unrealistic, is when the negative self talk begins. If you are struggling with organization in your home, know that organization is not everyone’s strong suit. Maybe it’s not yours, maybe it is and you’ve lost control. It’s OK, you are now aware and can take action! Negative self-talk has never helped me, and I bet the same goes for you too. A good friend is one who will remind me to be nice to myself. So I am reminding the same to you.

  1. Stop the “I should’s” and replace it with “I will”

There are times when the phrase “I should” can be so self defeating. Watchout! That is a sneaky form of negative self talk. Instead, focus on what you WILL do. If your home environment is stealing your serenity, then do something about it! Choose to no longer be a victim of the “I should” but take charge and say “I will!”

  1. Make a Decision

Make a commitment to yourself to make a plan of action to get organized. If you are not good at organizing, than choose to learn about it. If you are good at it and just fell behind, then forgive yourself and move forward. You can’t do anything if you don’t make the decision to first.

  1. Prepare – Round up Suppliesbox for organizing

If you have a lot of stuff to go through, you are going to need some supplies to help you make sense of it all. If you have any spare containers around, gather them up and put them to work. If you don’t, cardboard boxes work well too, in fact if you plan to do any donating cardboard boxes are handy for bulky or hard things. Trash bags are not just for trash but are great for clothing or any soft items you will donate or give away. Gallon, quart, sandwich and snack sized plastic bags are helpful, as are rubber bands. Having what you need on hand, when you need it helps keep things following along. It is being prepared for the work at hand, and for me being prepared helps me relax.

  1. Put on Music to get in the Mood

music can help you organizeI always say music is awesome. It can be such a mood enhancer, yet even I sometimes forget to utilize it. Pick something that you love, or that is upbeat, or that you can get lost in – whatever will help you. Music can switch you out of whatever funk you might be stuck in, but it only works if you turn it on.

Now, are you ready? If you think about it, these tips are good for other aspects of your life too.

  1. Be Nice to Yourself
  2. Stop the “I should’s” and replace it with “I will”
  3. Make a Decision
  4. Prepare – Round up Supplies
  5. Put on Music to get in the Mood

and  I will add another:

6.  Think positive and try to have fun!