5 Minute Bathroom Cleanup

5 Quick Tips to a Tidier, Cleaner Bathroom – in 5 Minutes

1. Keep cleanser and a sponge nearby.

It’s easier to clean when your supplies are handy. If you don’t have room under your sink, you can hide your cleanser and sponge under your trash can liner or behind the commode. Then when you have that spare 5 minutes, you can knock out a few quick tasks to maintain cleanliness in your bathroom. Here’s what this professional home organizer does to keep her home clean.

Organizing tips to declutter your bathroom include putting away your makeup.
2. Put away counter clutter while brushing your teeth.

2. Declutter the counters. 

While brushing your teeth (a one-handed task), use the other hand to put away brushes, medicines, hair pins, or whatever is cluttering up the counter. Get everything put away and in order and if you have time, you can do the next task. Even if you don’t have time to do more, clearing the counter will instantly give your bathroom an organized feel for you and anyone you share the bathroom with. Plus, things are less likely to get lost.

Quick organizing tips to keeping your bathroom clean and organized include scrubbing the sink.
3. A quick scrub down keeps the sink sparkling.

3. Give the sink a quick scrub.

You’ve just decluttered the counter and sink, you are on a roll! Finish things up by cleaning the bowl of the sink with cleanser. To keep the counters feeling and looking cleaner, longer use the same sponge to wipe everything off. I don’t know how the counters get so dusty so quickly (or time just flies by in between cleanings), but they do. Make it sparkle by wiping away the dust.

4. Pick up towels and clothes off the floor.

This task takes 30 seconds because honestly bathrooms aren’t that big. It helps to have a dirty laundry bin in your bathroom, but if you don’t you can still gather up all the linens off the floor and counters and toss them into the bin – where ever it is. If I’m taking it straight to the laundry room, I will spread a towel on the floor and place all the dirty clothes and towels on it, wrap it up and carry my package to the laundry room (sorting it all comes later – I’ve only got 5 minutes here!)

Quick organizing tip for a clean bathroom include the toilet.
5. Just a few sprays and you’re done.

5. Spray the commode and shower with cleanser or a chlorine-based cleaner.

No need to scrub or brush it, just let it sit and do its thing. Next time you use the toilet, the bowl will be clean. Next time you take a shower, wash the walls down before getting in and take a scrubby sponge in the with you to do a little more cleaning (more on that technique in a later post).

Now, that was simple and easy, and at least your immediate morning routine spaces are clean and tidy. This may or may not take the place of a regular thorough cleaning, that all depends on your threshold of clean, how messy things are to begin with, and how well you were able to clean this time.

Sometimes this is the only cleaning my sink gets. I actually do this quite regularly because I just don’t have larger blocks of time to dedicate myself to cleaning the whole bathroom all at once. (Besides that is the Mister’s job anyway.) But I do like a clean bathroom, just like everyone else. So, this is how I manage to keep the Guzman baño looking and feeling cleaner longer between deep cleanings. 🙂

Next post, I will share some other tips I use to tidy up the other parts of the bathroom, the ones that aren’t a one-handed job!

What about you? What quick tips do you have to share? Give these tips a try and see what success you have. Hey, any effort is better than no effort at all!